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May 20, 2010
To whom it may concern:
I am honored to recommend Rosemarie McCormack for any job or scholarship in which she is seeking.
I have worked and played golf with Rosemarie for many rewarding years. She maintained great performance at Borg Warner in Muncie, IN. She also broke into an all men golf league with no hesitation, resulting in extraordinary fashion.
Rosemarie has been the website designer since 2000.
Rosemarie has a 4.0 GPA in her visual basic, java, C+ and other programming classes.
She is very innovative with most any computer. She has displayed this talent in numerous website designs!
Rosemarie has been blessed with a family, which includes a husband and two sons.
As long as I've known Rosemarie, she seeks after righteousness in any situation.
I believe she builds her life upon her strong Christian faith!
Please consider awarding Rosemarie with any job or scholarship you are offering. I sincerely propose she will fulfill and most likely succeed your expectations.
Wayne T. Waite
AME - Controls Engineer - Navistar, Inc.
Gideon for over 21 years
Electronic/Electrical Engineer for over 27 years

Rosie Johnson - McCormack 
Website Designer ~ Programmer